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Skilz Learning Hub is the Best Digital Training Institute run by D-fine Digital Solution in Kottakkal, Malappuram

A initiative in the field of skill development, a genuine learning hub to teach you modern digital skills to be unique in the digital era. Skilz provides many digital courses like Digital marketing course, Web designing and development course, Graphic designing course, Mobile App course, Software Development course and Embedded systems course etc…

Technology has an impact on every phase of human life. The usage of technology in education will result in creative thinking. Keeping in mind the obvious advantage of the application of technology in education, we have planned to take this forward as your very own learning hub where you have the best faculty and facilities. We encourage our students to come out with potential and build a level of confidence and sense of self-respect. Our courses are designed in a way where students can develop theoretical and practical knowledge very quickly.

Our Training Courses

digital marketing course

The Digital marketing course is designed to teach you how to master the essential disciplines in digital marketing. It includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Email and Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Conversation Optimization, Social Media Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This course will teach you to promote products and services and connect with your audience efficiently via different forms of media. As the Digital platforms are increasingly getting in touch with marketing strategies,

Graphic Designing expert

Graphic designing is combining art and technology to communicate ideas through images and the layouts of the website and printed pages. The desire to hit the top level in achieving artistic or decorative effects makes you a good designer. A variety of design elements are used to complete a proper design, and we teach how, when and where to use them. This course gives you the opportunity to work by inserting everything you can imagine. The variety of ways in which you can finish the task makes Graphic designing unique.

web design mastery course

Web Design Mastery course teaches you enough to set up your own website. Create your own website in an affordable way without all the years of experience and skills. The course will teach you how to create, handle and customize websites. It will help you make your website better by adding important features to your site and if you don’t really have one, you can start from the very beginning as we teach even the basics. The Web Design Mastery course is apt for those who want to start a web design career and for those who have contents to be handled online.

Web Development Courses PHP & Laravel

PHP is a very popular scripting language due to its simplicity, speed and scalability. A number of frameworks make this language easier to adopt. Laravel is the most popular and widely adopted among PHP frameworks. Its simple and elegant syntax makes the development process easier, simplifies routing, authentication etc.

Web Development Course with Angular and Laravel

As PHP is the most-used web programming language, Angular is one of the most used JavaScript frameworks today. In this case, you will learn to combine both technologies by building a site with Angular and Laravel. When you have finished this course, you'll have a good understanding of Angular and good command over Laravel.

Full-Stack Web Development Course

Full stack Web development course teaches you to design complete apps and websites. Being a full stack developer you'll have to work on all facets of development, from top to bottom, even debugging and testing may come under a full stack developer's responsibility
This course will teach you to handle all the aspects of development. The course is broken down into separate segments and each segment includes multiple technologies to shape you into an experienced developer.

IOT – Internet of things

IOT - The internet of things Course examines the concept of IoT. This course will take you through the things that make up the Internet of Things, including the information on the connection of the components, and how they add value to the generated data. IOT course covers the development of the Internet of things(IoT) products and services. The lessons about the devices for sensing, actuation, processing and communication will help you master this course in the best of ways. This course will enable learners to leverage their knowledge across IOT-related functions in the workplace.

Embedded System Course

An Embedded System is a programmed controlling and operating system. It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts. The embedded market is at the best of its times and it will grow even bigger in coming years. This course is a promising option for the growth of your career. In a few more years the Embedded systems are going to be one among the inevitable things. Embedded System is the brain of most of the electronic based systems. Our Embedded system's course focusses on giving you priority to programming and serial communications.

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